Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes Plans Get Changed

For past little while I have been getting more and more interested in black & white. These phases come and go. This afternoon I sat down to look at what I could try converting to b&w from my colour shots. I like to create b&w this way. I happened upon this photo that I had taken while taking some photos for "An Old Rose" just a week ago. I liked this one but the one in the post was what I was looking for that day. I decided to work on it and see what it would like. I converted and did some adjustments and came up with something I liked. As I looked at it I thought of a process I had played with before to give a photo an ethereal glow and retain it's sharpness. So I thought I'd give it a try. I did and got it to about were I liked it. I sat and pondered and enjoyed it but, there seemed to be something missing. Colour! So I went back to the original (I saved the b&w version of course) and started the process with it. Here is what it came to be. 

 I used the 100mm macro at 6.0 sec f16 iso 200
 (A little trick if you aren't aware of it already. It you want closer look at a photo on here  double click it).

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