Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Aunt Penny

15 April 1937 - 09 January 2011. I found out my Aunt Penny passed away at 8:20 this morning. I had been expecting this news for a while now but still wasn't prepared. I felt the need to say something about Penny in my own way so here it is. 

How do you sum up a persons life in a few words? I can't but I can tell you a few things I knew about Penny. 
  • Penny had MS and although it slowed her down a bit it never stopped her.  
  • She lived in Seaside Oregon where she kept an immaculate little house. 
  • If you stayed in that house you got to listen to Police, Fire, and Ambulance calls all day and night. 
  • She often knew who was going to the calls and often who they were going for.  
  • She had been married to a cool guy named Floyd.  
  • She and Floyd once lived in the Hotel above the Seaside Fire Hall. 
  • Penny loved walking down to the Shiloh. 
  • Happy hour at the lake was a favourite time of day. 
  • She volunteered at the Seaside Chamber of Commerce for many years. 
  • Penny was born and raised in Canada but became a very patriotic US citizen. 
  • Once when I grew a beard she confided in me she thought men with beards in uniform were quite handsome. 
  • Penny cared a lot about her family. 
  • She came and stayed with my Mom at the lake whenever she could and I know my Mom always looked forward to that.  
  • Penny had a ready smile and a big heart.

This is Penny (on the right) and her sister Phyllis at 119 Main in Saskatoon. 

This doesn't even skim the surface of Penny's life. It is just some of what I saw. I believe if you were able to talk to every person she ever came across, they would have a kind word or a fond memory to share. She was a neat lady.  
Penny (on the right again) and my Mom Barb at the lake.


  1. What a beautifully written memorial of your Aunt Penny. She sounds like a wonderful lady. My condolences.

  2. Wow Brook, this is wonderful. I'd like to add a few of my own thoughts about Auntie Penny, if that's alright;

    *I remember she had a wonderful sense of humour and a great laugh.

    *I remember how much fun we all had in Seaside at our family reunion back in 1975/76, when we stayed at the Firehall Hotel. The laughing, the music and the singing. Uncle Floyd and his big Bass Fiddle! The picnic party at Canon Beach. Family from all over the USA and Canada. What a great memory and Aunt Penny being such an awesome Hostess to us all.

    *It has been a long while since she and I have been able to sit and talk. I wished I could have seen her in recent years, but I know she is in a better place now. All the pain is gone and she can be reunited with her beloved sisters and parents.

    Love and Miss you Aunt Penny,


  3. Very sweet write up. My condolences on your loss. Remember the good times, forget everything else.