Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mount Zopkias

Well it is winter so I guess I should have a winter photograph or two. This was a very lucky opportunity. We were at a rest stop on the way to the Okanagan when I noticed the light falling on the mountain. I got out the camera and tripod and set everything up at the edge of the stop about 15 feet from the van. It was pretty cold so I only got a few shots. Lucky on this one the sun broke out at bit on the face of the mountain. This is a mountain that gets photographed quite a lot I believe just by virtue of the fact it's by a major highway. I bet there aren't a lot of it in this light at this time of year. I have always really enjoyed this picture.

 This was taken with a Hassleblad 500c and a 50mm lens. I had Ilford 100 film in it. I have said this before, I think it quite the thing to use a 30-40 year old camera that rattles when you carry it and be able to bring out such wonderful sharp photos.

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