Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Moon From Here A Second Look

When I saw this (or should I say when Dar pointed it out to me?) I thought of of the daytime moon photo I took and showed in a previous blog entry. The picture actually touches on another blog subject. Direct sunlight. I have always tried to avoid bright sunlight because I was told it isn't nice light. I guess that's true at times. It just works for some things. There were a couple more things I took to heart this day. If someone says, "look", do. I can't remember if this is what Dar was pointing out to me but it's what I saw. Make sure you do look up because you won't always have someone to point things out. Better yet, just keep your eyes open for opportunity but then if you're out with a camera, why wouldn't you?     

 I took this with the 100mm 1/2000th sec f5.6  iso 400

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