Monday, July 26, 2010

Let There be..... Sun-Light

It really is about the light isn't it? In photography it is considered the best light early in the morning and late in the evening The Golden Hour. Quite often you don't have the luxury of choosing specific hours. Photographers generally use methods to soften the harsh direct sunlight to keep the photo's coming. There are lots of ways to improve on the natural light you get during the day. Sometimes it is good to just use it as it is I think. As with this photograph of a fully restored (right to the original colour) vintage Jaguar.

My good friend who happens to be British is very insistent that that it is pronounced Jag-you-are, not Jag-waugh (as she puts it). Ah well, what do those Brits know about the English language anyhow?
Shot with my 100mm macro at 160th sec f6.3 iso 100.

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