Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not Gone, But Forgotten

Yesterday my friend Darlene and I went out on a photography expedition. We weren't quite sure where we were going to go when we started out. The idea was do pick a location and if we see something on the way stop and photograph it. We ended up in Fort Langley. We walked around the area for a couple hours finding different things old and new to take pictures of. There was a little yard between 2 antique shops with a tree in the middle and 2 things. An old wooden wheel barrel and what looked like an old bed-frame. We were in there for about half an hour taking pictures. The light through the trees kept changing and making different patterns on everything. It was a real treat. We finally got our photo's and were walking to the gate to get out when we noticed something else tucked away in the corner. 

This old washing machine rusting away. So there we were for about another 15-20 minutes taking pictures getting different ideas. The thing with the light again. It shined on the attachment for a brief few moments then went away. I was fortunate to catch it at that moment. 

Shot with the 50mm at 1/125 sec f1.7 iso 100. I sure am using this lens a lot. If you own a DSLR you should get one... Cheap and sharp.  I might have already said that. 

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