Saturday, July 24, 2010

You're Not Quite Done Yet

When I left the event the other night I thought I was all done and packed away the camera as I got ready to leave. I stepped out of the building ready for the mad dash to the car. I was Just on the edge of skid road you see. I was just about to turn the corner off Hastings and run up to the car when I saw this. 

 It's not often I am downtown at night anymore so don't get much opportunity to take photographs like this. Keeping a careful eye on the 2 drunk guys as they barreled on by I got the camera out and set up the shot. Just then this fellow was walking along so I waited a sec and took a few shots as he went by. Then of course I ran to the van like a scared rabbit stuffing my camera in the bag as I went.
Shot with the 50mm at 1/30th sec f1.7, iso 200. Overcame the urge to run long enough to get 3 shots.

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