Saturday, October 16, 2010

In The Night Time

Night photography presents different challenges and opportunities than photography during the day. Because of the long exposures involved you have to have a tripod.  This also helps you think more about the shot you want and plan it out.  Here I wanted to show the stars but still have the cabins part of the shot. I took 3 photographs at different exposures but only needed 2. In the photo where the stars are visible the windows in the cabins were blown right out. So beneath this layer I put another layer where the cabin windows were better exposed. I masked out the windows in the upper layer so they showed through. When I first saw the stars in this photo it made me think of the night shots in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". They were spectacular and was quite happy to see the Big Dipper here so clear.

I used the 17mm  30sec f3.5 iso 400


  1. Love it! I wann be there right now!


  2. What a wonderful shot, makes me think of the cover for a scary book.....