Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poetic Light

Today was a good day for photography. Lovely light, nice and warm, good company (namely Dar), and a great location (namely Minter Gardens). I think rather than trying to wax poetic I'll let some photos do that for me. 

 Side note if you have wanted to go to Minter Gardens but never did, better go this year as it is their final season.
 I used the 70-300G at 150mm 1/60th sec f9 iso 800

 70-300G at 200mm 1/100th sec f5.6 iso 1600

70-300G at 300mm 1/80th sec f5.6 iso 800

 135mm STF (Smooth Trans Focus) at 1/125th sec f6.3 iso 400

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