Friday, July 5, 2013

Woe Is Me

I stood there and and watched helplessly as the camera tipped away from me on the tripod and hit the ground. It was only about 3 feet and the lens is built like a brick, or so I thought. I picked it up and the zoom was jammed and the manual focus spun freely. My heart sank. This was the best lens I have ever owned and probably the best one I ever would own. I almost feel guilty about being as upset about it as I was, well am. It is a thing after all but it felt different taking photos with this lens.This lens has an excellent reputation amongst its users and for good reason. It was actually even a little good for the ego when another photographer would take notice and admire the lens. Since then I have gone through periods of wanting to just toss the rest of the gear out the window and giving up to some cautious optimism about replacing it. I have other lenses and of course I can still take pictures. I have even posted some since (even using my camera phone!). The world didn't end but did become a little more dim.
 Taken with the 70-300G (Not the broken one) at 180mm 1/500th sec f5.6 iso 400

Yesterday I got the word that it was uneconomical to repair the lens. Am I going to replace it? Yes. Can I afford to? Not really. Can I afford not to? Oh that is a tough question. I guess I can but it would be a pretty big step back as far as I am concerned. Am I going to get protection against accidental damage this time? Absolutely! If you aren't into photography you might not get how awful I have felt. I bet a lot of photographers wouldn't get it. It is important to me though. 
Around the time it happened I posted on facebook "They say Kharma is a bitch, or life or something. What ever it is I seem to have done enough stupid things in my life that I am never going to stop paying for it." I still believe that but for now I guess I will just pick up the pieces and carry on.

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