Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Question The Light

Sometimes a photo seems to just happen. I was at a local event in Vancouver today and had fun trying out some street photography and taking some photos of local performers. Good For Grapes was performing there. I know some of the kids (oh they aren't really kids anymore, they're all grown up) in the band and have posted photos of them in the past. I took lots of photos today and of course throughout every once in a while I would get little glitches like, an autofocus system that decides the microphone stand is more important than the performer. So I was going through the pictures and was deleting a fair amount due to this microphone stand which my camera was quite fond of. Then I came upon this one and stopped.  Just timing I guess. There is so much going on in the photo, so much action, Alexa's hair flipping about framing her face which just at that moment looked serene.

 Taken with the 24-85 at 1/50th sec f9 (silly photographer) iso 1600

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