Monday, July 22, 2013

When I Die

I hope this is where I go. It would be awful crowded on that old deck with family and friends. I can already hear the laughter (rather loud in some cases) and expect there will be some tears. There are very many fond memories to be recounted, some transgressions forgiven, and maybe the odd tall tale. I can well imagine a scrabble board set up on the table. If our neighbours are out on their deck we'll have to yell "hello" and catch up a bit. If I turn I bet I'll see some happy soul having a "siesta" on the mat at the end of the deck. No doubt there would be dogs and cats we have known laying about our feet, chasing each other around and sniffing smells wafting up from the barbecue out front. The weather is always an issue, if it be a golden sunrise or thunder storm rumbling by we can enjoy watching it from here. I can see their faces, hear their voices, and know their laughs. I admit there could be some I have forgotten and maybe a few I will be surprised to find arrived before me. 
When I die I hope this is where I will go. Like a little corner in heaven. 

1 comment:

  1. Well that made me cry. So because I am here right now, does that mean I have crossed over already? A thought to ponder.