Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Use What You Have

I took the opportunity walking to the bus to see if I could get something for tonights blog with my camera phone. I took a few shots. It has a few positives and an few negatives. The camera is a 5megapixel which is small by today's standards. I do have photo's from a 3.2mp camera on this blog though. A positive is depth of field that goes on forever. A negative is the depth of field that goes on forever can't be controlled. I think that'll be ok for close up, not so great for portrait. I'll learn more about that. It has all kinds of doo dads on it and I look forward to playing with those. I guess it can be useful. I'll just have to realize it's limitations and work within them. 

Shot with the Samsung Galaxy S lens at 3.79mm (no really that's the focal length) 1/50th sec at f2.6 iso 200

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  1. You can use some additional Image editing software because there are so many tools available in the software which is growing your lighting effects.