Sunday, March 13, 2011

They're Gonna Make A Big Star Out Of Me

Okay I confess, Jenn wasn't the star. She wasn't an actor even. Like me she was background. Here she was standing in for one of the leads while the crew set up their shot. It was a fun day and a learning experience. Both Jenn and Peter (Nick) got to learn the long process of making a few minutes of a film. Oh, like I'm an old pro at it. 

For todays shot I used the 17mm 1/10th sec at f3.5 iso 200. Shooting at such a low shutter speed I had to take some extras. This one still needed some tweaking to get it here. This part is just as fun as taking the photo!


  1. So 1/10th of a second isn't a typo! Are you using tripods / monopods? How do you stabilize yourself and your image?

  2. These were handheld. I prop my left elbow on my chest, squeeze as I slowly exhale. My camera is a Sony and has what's called "Super Steady Shot" a shake reduction system which helps a lot. It isn't a cure all but I get enough that it's worth trying.