Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Did It Again

Thinking I should go back and look yet again for something to post from from the past I went through the film scans I've done. How many times have I gone past this photo? Dozens? Today I just happened to look at (Peter) Nick and notice his eyes. Peter (Nick) was a pretty intense boy. Things for him were pretty much black or white, with little in between. When I looked at him here today I saw that boy summed up. So another photo that hit me years after I took it. I am sure glad I'm able to share it with you today.

It's film so no exposure recorded. Oh well.


  1. He does have intense eyes, and leaves me to wonder whether you've captured him in print, or if in fact he has captured you in his gaze. Made even more defined by presentation in black white; colour would distract us from your subject. You like direct eye contact...

  2. I agree with 'Anonymous" on this. Very intense and really nice in black and white. Nice work!