Friday, March 11, 2011

Love At First Sight

When I worked with the folks at Westcoast Piercing and Ink Den last October I took a lot of photos. Here is one of the first ones I took that day. This young ladies tattoo was just finished and she was getting her first look at it. I saw her later in the day and we talked a bit about her tattoo and how great we both thought it was. I was interested to know her reason for placing it the way she did. She said "I got the tattoo for me. I want it to be the right way when I look at it." Made sense to me. 

 Taken with the 50mm 1/400th sec at f1.7 iso 200


  1. It looks like love, hurts ;) Did you do a commercial photography gig with Westcoast when you were working that show last fall? This blog has developed into a comprehensive portfolio...

  2. I responded to a call for volunteers on their website. I've been looking to gain experience and I saw this as one way of doing it. I also have helped out students at Vancouver Film School.
    I learned a lot and made some pretty good friends. I like that "Love, Hurts". Thanks.