Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Pause To Gather Thoughts

I have to get these thoughts out of my head and on here while they are there. Been sitting making a blog or two thinking about the way I go about getting the photographs. When we go on walks like we do I don"t really know what I am going to be taking photographs of. I recently started wondering, "Is this the right way to go about it?" I don't know. Some photographers have exactly what they want in their head before they even start. These people take the time collecting the gear and the help they need to get it. I watched a video of a photographer who tied up a whole city street creating a set just like a movie set and spent hours building the scene. For a photograph. It was actually quite cool. Don't think that's for me. I have planned shots but I think there was only one that I pictured in my mind and what I created was almost exactly it. It was the tank shot I put on here some time ago. I am actually quite proud of it. There is another one I had in my head but was going to be a lot of luck involved. It was the opposing Snowbirds.  I got the shot pretty much as I had hoped and am proud of that one too.
Please read further. 

I guess what I am wondering here is where I am going with all this. Not really sure. Should I keep going out and wandering the streets? I sure enjoy that. I have been very happy with the work I have put on here. Am I going to grow as a photographer? I started the blog to help inspire me, make me get out there and do the photography. It has worked, I have been doing a lot more and learning. I seem to be in a bit of a lull at the moment. I am actually not sure where I am going to get photo's to put on here in a few days. Should I stop and change direction? I don't think I want to do that, it's too much fun, whether I am with my friends or alone, taking photos or printing them or processing them. Maybe I should do the same but change direction a little. I want to take photo's of Japanese food. Maybe I should go by our little local sushi place, order lunch and ask if they don't mind if I take some photos. That would be a hurdle for me approaching people cold.... I think I will start trying stuff like that. 
 This is just too much deep thought for me. Especially on a work night. 

In the meantime here is a picture of a pretty bird to tide us over. 

Too tired to look up what the settings were.

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  1. Brook, what I have always loved about your pictures is that they are not planned. Although you take the picture of your subject as they are, sometimes one has never stopped to see it/them in that way, or perhaps never been able to capture it in ones mind-eye like that. I saw the picture (commercial) of the orange sheets covering the dam, the bridge etc. once, I saw the commercial of the blue sheets covering the islands etc once, then I was bored. I can look at your pictures and the beauty of them forever. Look at that bird above. It is looking back at YOU! He looks so proud. Don't change your MO. it is what makes your pictures special. You see something beyond what people are looking at and you capture the it. The moment, the look, the thought behind the look, the peacefulness, the stress, the hurt, the happiness, you capture the soul. You can't buy that kind of lens, it comes from within.