Monday, November 1, 2010

Nerds Rock! (The Colour Version)

Perhaps I could have put this up at the same time as "Nerds Rock!" (b&w). However I believe even though they were taken within a couple minutes of each other they convey different energy and each stand on their own. In the previous version the mood was calmer and more thoughtful. Black and white seemed to suit it nicely. Just by asking Nicola to move a few feet and probably me cracking a dumb joke we made something more playful. This photograph worked better in colour. It helped liven up an already happy photo I think. There were more and as I said before I liked them all, these were the two I wanted to show.When you are taking photo's, you check and you think you got "the one" take some more, you may get another one, or two.

 Taken with the 50mm 1/640th sec f1.7 iso 100

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