Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Get A Little Funky

This afternoon Jenn and I got together on a little project I had been thinking about for a few days. I wanted to try a backlit scene with the face going a bit dark but bright intense eyes. The look in my head changed a lot over the few days, changed again when I took the photo's and changed a lot more as I processed in the computer. The original idea I started with is there but I believe it ended up way cooler than I originally thought of.

I shot this with the 50mm 1/125th sec at f5.6 (What? not 1.7 you say?) iso 100. 2 flashes set behind and on each side triggered by a flash on the camera which also provided a little fill and glint in her eyes.
  I won't go into all the feats of wizardry with Photoshop (Elements), suffice to say there was much layering, colour desaturating, colour saturating, painting, light adjusting, and all sorts of things. Lot's of fun.
Just one thing I would like to add. I shot colour then converted in the computer. You can always convert colour to black and white but you can't convert black and white to colour. If you will notice her eyes are blue. A little more difficult to do with black and white. Notice I didn't say impossible.

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