Friday, September 24, 2010

Found Light, Still Life

Here is a still life using that North facing window light. It was another little project by virtue of the fact we had a bowl of apples on the table at the time. The beauty of this is although I don"t control the light, I control how it's used. The light is falling on the subject and that's it. From there I control the composition, the angle of the light (instead of moving the light I move the subject), then the exposure settings. I shot aperture priority so I could control the depth of field. I only wanted the front apple in focus so I opened up the f stop to get a shallow Depth of field. I had the camera on a tripod so I didn't have to worry so much about  the shutter speed being too slow. Bringing all these different aspects of control together and here is what I got. Pretty much what I was looking for.

Taken with the 100mm macro 1/13sec f2.8 iso 400

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