Sunday, July 4, 2010

You Should Have Been There

So Here's the story about this eagle photo. Reifel Bird Sanctuary again. I pull into the parking lot where there's this huge dead tree next to a pond full of ducks. Sitting close to the top is a juvenile bald eagle. I think great! Nice to get some shots of an eagle! I go up to the ticket booth to set up and get the big lens on. The lady says "Oh you should have been here a few minutes ago. There were 5 eagles there all fighting over a dead duck one of them found. It was mayhem. One fell off a branch that broke from under it. Never seen such a thing." I thought well, neither have I. He sat there for about half an hour and I got to take quite a few shots of him there. He eventually flew off just as I was taking a quick look to see if there was any action at the hummingbird feeder. 
Taken with my Tamron 200-400 zoom, at 330mm 1/640th sec f6.3. It has been fairly heavily cropped. 

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