Monday, July 5, 2010

Let's Go For a Walk

We haven't done a lot of walking lately but it is a pastime we all quite enjoy. I think we should get out and do that more this summer. This photo is from a walk on the Iona jetty at Iona Island. There is a covered seating area about halfway out. The picture feels like looking out a window to me with the jetty going on forever past it. It is almost 4km long so feels like forever walking it, to me anyhow. 
I shot this with my 24-85 lens at 24mm, 1/250sec f14. The iso was 200. the photo has been residing on my computer for a while now. I have always liked it but wasn't sure about it's appeal. It continues to grow on me. The 2 fellows there were both walking along reading books. It was an odd sight but not much more odd than my son walking along wearing a gas mask. The question I have is, are they such avid readers they have to have books absolutely everywhere, or are they so bored with the scenery, they have to read books. Which, I guess they just happen to have in their pockets. 
Please click read more to see another one. 

I call this one "Come on out, weather's great! The UV index is moderate and the radiation level is low for some reason". Catchy title?

I messed with it of course.  Shot again with the 24-85 at 24mm, 1/60 f14. In Photoshop Elements I created a copy layer, changed the colour so the sky was this colour, and masked out him and the ground so the bottom layer showed. This would be the daytime equivalent to a previous one I did.

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