Thursday, July 29, 2010

What The Heck Is Bokeh?

I put this photo up on Facebook with photo's I took on my expedition with Darlene. When I showed it to Darlene I said I think it has nice Bokeh. She Gave me that look so I tried to explain. Basically it is about the quality of the out of focus area of an image. I thought someone was making it up when I first heard this. Some lenses because of the shape of the aperture ring create better "bokeh" than others. The link above explains it more thoroughly. Here is what I think is good bokeh. 

I don't usually talk a lot about the post processing that I do but here I think it is worth mentioning. The last step I make before printing or displaying is sharpening the image. In this case I want the chimes to be sharp but don't want to affect the background. So in Photoshop Elements I opened the photograph and created a duplicate layer. Basically a copy of the picture sitting on top of the original. I sharpened the image on the bottom layer with the unsharp enhancement tool (sounds backwards but is does sharpen an image real nice). I then went to the top layer and masked out the chimes from it so the sharpened chimes on the bottom layer showed through. That is basically it. 

This was shot with the 50mm 1/80th sec at f1.7,  iso 100

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