Friday, July 30, 2010

My Daughter The Bar Wench

Jennifer just had her bar wench costume made for Cosplay (Anime Evolution) by her good friend Tris who is not only an accomplished artist but a pretty good costume designer as well. As soon as I saw it I thought "blog" so we ran down to a local park and took some photos. Of course we left it late and it was getting dark so we didn't have long.

Shot with the 17mm at 1/80th f5.6 iso 200 with the flash through an umbrella high and to camera left.

I very much like this shot but it doesn't show off the costume. So I am including the next one to show it off a bit. 

Shot with the 50mm 1/80th sec f2.8 iso 200 once again flash through an umbrella high to camera left. 

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