Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Is Left Behind

In our travels the other day Darlene and I drove past a small group of old abandoned buildings. We debated for about half a second whether should go back, turned around and pulled into the lot. We noticed quite a few No trespassing signs and as we weren't trespassing but taking pictures we went around them. The buildings were rather empty with a few items strewn about. Broken things or things just no longer wanted. We both could see a lot of opportunity here. It was the kind of scene where you could wonder about the history of these things. Who used that fridge and where are they now? What were the children like who may have played at the little table? Or, you could think, "Wow what a mess! Why doesn't somebody clean it up?  Well we got what we came for. 

Shot with the 17mm at 1/10th sec f4.5 iso 100

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