Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh No!

My camera blew up while taking a picture.  Here's me reacting to this....

 I just didn't know which way to look. 
It didn't really happen of course. I got to thinking though what if it happened to me... Most professionals have a back up with them to use in case the first one fails. People who are not so professional might not be able to afford to keep a second camera just like the main one. So what does one do. Well I have my old Nikon 995 and even my film camera, which is the best camera I ever owned (I believe I have mentioned before). So I am going to try and live with just those 2 cameras for a while. Might even last a day. 
By the way I took this with Nikon and a wide angle lens on it. Rather daring of me I think.  

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