Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Artistic License

Today is the first day of surviving with out the use of my main camera (blew up yesterday remember?). So thinking about what I should take pictures of. Then it dawned on me. Take a picture of one camera with the other. The subject was my Minolta Maxxum7. Not sure if I mentioned it's the best camera I ever owned.

I set up the white background. Put a flash shooting through an umbrella on the left pointing right at the camera and another on the right pointing down and behind the camera. Both were about 2 feet away from the camera. I used the Nikon Coolpix995 with an accessory wide angle lens attached. Nice thing about those Coolpix's you could get the lens real close to the ground. 
I was saying I should go out to take photo's but was feeling lazy. My friend told me that's artistic license. Hence the title. After the work setting this up then preparing the photo, I don't feel so lazy but I liked the title anyhow.

Ps: I just noticed I forgot to mention. When I used the camera I had a cable for the flash sticking out the bottom so I couldn't get the camera as low as I needed. Solution? I turned the camera upside down and was able to get real low. Then I just had to rotate the picture right side up in the computer. 

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