Sunday, July 18, 2010

When In Doubt

Fall back on an old fave. I seem to be having some technical difficulties. My photos seem to be kind of mixed up on the computer. I love Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. A sense of wilderness with flushing outhouses! I kid you not. What a treat. Worth the trip just for that. Ha ha. 
Anyhow, this goes back to my early days of digital. My old camera which I am still using because back in the old days they built them to last. Most of what makes this what it is was done in the computer. In this case a simple conversion from colour to black and white. I think it gives it a classic look. 

I wonder if I should have worked the title of this post into the theme of my blog. "Let there be...... Lighthouse". Naw I'll stick with the current one.

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