Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Second Cousin On My Wife's Side, Once, Or Twice Removed...I Can't Remember

She is producing a short film as a project for her film school course. She was kind enough to ask me to be the "stills photographer" for the film. These pictures have nothing to do with that. However, we were doing a lot of driving around today as she was organizing stuff for her film and I was the driver packer guy. While waiting for her at one location in Vancouver I got to hang around an alley. What fun! Naturally I got the camera out and started clicking. 

 Vancouver has a lot of old brick buildings and some people have taken to painting their art on the brick work. I found this in a dark little alcove. I generally try to format to about 8.5x11 but went out on a limb, this is closer to 17x11.  Shot using my 17mm at 1/50th sec f4, iso was 200

Here is another one, just for fun.... 

17mm at 1/60th f4 iso 200.

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