Thursday, July 1, 2010

All That Flash, Uh Jazz

I will be pretty busy for the next few days helping my cousin with her film shoot so I may not get to take a lot of photos. Or, I will be taking a lot but not for my blog. So I will be checking out stuff from the past. 

By now you will have figured out I like to take photo's of my kids. Jenn is more into it so there are more photographs of her. 
This was a first attempt at using multiple flash "on location". Not far from where I work there is a tunnel that was built but never used. The local kids have taken to putting up graffiti on the walls. They do some great stuff and it provides interesting backgrounds. We were there for a while taking photo's and got some Great shots. 
I have to try and remember, I used 2 Vivitar 285's and one 283. One close to the wall for the artwork, one directly to her right, one to her left providing some fill. All were straight on with no diffusion. Shot at 30mm 1/125sec f5.6.

Also the photo was sharpened with the unsharp mask so the art would pop out a bit however it was too sharp for Jennifer. I made a duplicate layer, sharpened it and masked out her face, arms, and legs so the softer layer underneath came through. Worked well I thought.

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