Friday, May 14, 2010

Better Get Out There

If You have been talking to friends and relatives about how you love photography and you wish it could be your job and they said "Hey, want to take my picture?" it's probably a good idea to say "Definitely let's do it". I had that opportunity today. Our young friend Robert stopped by for a visit. It was suggested I take a picture of him as he had his cool shades and a new beret. I said "Nah, maybe another time. I don't feel like it right now". Just kidding. I went and grabbed my gear and we went out on the porch for what turned out to be a rather pleasant 45 minutes or so trying out different stuff. I have to admit I had a pretty patient subject but we were able to visit while I tried a bunch of different stuff and learned a bit about using flash in the sun. I quite enjoyed myself. 

Another young fellow has been staying with us for a while. He came out on the porch for a visit while we were doing our thing. So being such a handsome fellow it was natural to take a few photographs of him.

This is taking a bit of a step away from posting one photo a day but I think putting up a couple once in a while should be okay, don't you think?

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