Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mon O' Chrome

I decided today was going to be a black and white day. Dar and I went downtown with the cameras in tow. I had 3 cameras with me all set up to shoot with black and white files and colour files just in case. We hung around Waterfront Station for a while catching different sights that were sneaking in and out of the fog. Then we wandered up Granville street and I actually got up the courage to try some street photography. It wasn't so bad. Never had one negative reaction. I'll just have to see how they turned out. Here are a few samples from the a99. I will see about posting some street photos on My Walkabout camera site soon.

 Waterfront is a big old wonderful building formerly the Vancouver Canadian Pacific Rail station. This took a couple tries. The first guy didn't cooperate and walked down the side. With a little patience I got what I was looking for. 

 Our trips always include a stop for lunch. Today we went to the Steamworks restaurant, had a nice lunch and I got a few shots.... pictures, not like shots of tequila......

 As I got off Skytrain I noticed the huge lights shining in this construction site shrouded by the fog.

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