Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmaslights

Cathe talked me into going to Van Dusen Botanical Garden with the cameras to try photograph the light display. I was a bit skeptical because I never had a lot of success at that kind of photography in the past. I'm glad we went.

We had pretty much just started and I was getting some shots of the displays on a pond there when I nearly tripped over a couple huddled in a dark corner. Then I realized they were a statue. If you ever go there find this one, it's quite touching. I can only say it was near the entrance because with all those lights I was lost within a couple minutes.

So you go around the big pond, through a pink tunnel and you come out at a garden with angels. I thought I would make the halo on this one look like little stars.

Creepy Christmas. I am not sure what they were thinking with this one but when I took the photo I saw Hallowe'en behind Christmas. 

 Thanks for looking everyone and
Happy New Year!

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