Saturday, December 7, 2013

Uncommon Light

The other day Cathe and I went on another search of Eagles to take photos of. We had a little more success. Just not quite the close up, in your face, dramatic shots we were hoping for.

We decided to trek down a little trail in search of a spot where the eagles might be feeding on salmon going up a stream towards the local hatchery.

Well we trekked, walking on dry river beds, climbing over fallen trees, under fallen trees, onto false trails and back. We were getting close to a spot where I was sure we would get to see the shoreline and eagles. It was about then Cathe was walking ahead and she stopped. She turned around and said "I think we better go back now."  It seemed we had caught a little one napping.
We knew momma had to be close by so we kept the distance we had, stayed quiet and took a few photos from where we were. The cub watched us but didn't seem too concerned even having a little lie down while we were there. After we got our shots we made our way back the way we came with the eagle hunt over due to the area not being city slicker safe.

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