Monday, December 16, 2013


Saturday evening I went to see Good For Grapes play at the Vogue theatre for their CD release show. I have photographed this group at some of their shows over the past few years. Since the first time seeing them I thought they're pretty good but with all that energy they need more room to move. They need a bigger stage. Here we are three years later I got to see them on such a stage at the Vogue. To call their show high energy would be putting it somewhat mildy. They made full use of the room to move and didn't stop from beginning to end. I always thought their music was great but now I know it's even greater loud. If you get the opportunity to see them perform, don't pass it up. In the meantime here are some photos I took. The title of this post will become clear. 

 Daniel McBurnie
 Graham Norman Gomez and Robert Hardie
  Graham Norman Gomez
 Jesse Brook
 Alexa (F)Unwin
 Sean MacKeigan
 Blair Hansen
Robert Hardie

I do love doing this type of photography. You have to plan ahead then shoot spontaneously. I hung back a bit this night, there was quite the crush of people dancing and jumping right at the front of the stage. I worried if I went in that crowd I might get knocked over and have people dancing on my head. Or worse, my camera. 

I have more photos which I'll post with these to my facebook later. In the meantime I better get some sleep.

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