Friday, June 7, 2013

Lost In The Light

A couple years ago while on the way home from a day of shooting Dar and I stopped to have a look at this boat beached on the river. The light was fading and it had started raining but we stayed a little while and tried some photos. I wasn't quite happy enough with any to post them but I kept them. Since I have been thinking about black and white Photography more I've been going through old photos to see if there were any I might convert. When I found this one I thought it would suit a conversion nicely. 
Reading photography forums on the internet there are photographers who talk disparagingly of photographs with a slanted horizon. I myself am not above tilting my camera and I can't help but think those who have to have a level horizon might be limiting themselves somewhat. 

I used the 17mm 1/10th sec f3.5 iso 800. It really was quite dim. 

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