Monday, May 27, 2013

Old To The New

I don't usually talk so much about the equipment I use but I just had to mention this. I just got an adapter to attach my 40 year old (approximately) Hassleblad lenses to my newest Sony camera. The reason I am writing about it is I am amazed that this advanced technology will operate with these lenses and do it so well. Usually there are handicaps when mismatching a lens to a camera because the camera is operating as though it doesn't have a lens on it. To start, it's manual focus only. My Sony camera has a focus peaking feature which makes manual focus pretty easy. As the camera is unable to set the aperture you have to set it on the lens and leave it. A camera with an optical viewfinder would get very dark as the aperture gets smaller. The electronic viewfinder on this camera adjusts as you set it so you see the proper exposure and of course it's bright enough to focus manually. I always thought it was too bad to have some really classic and high quality lenses that weren't getting used because cameras advanced and changed so much. This camera is so advanced it works with these old lenses and does it well.  

For this photo I used the 24-85 at 26mm 1/60th sec f22. One flash upper left with a shoot through umbrella and another flash hand held to the right and behind with a Stofen Omnibounce attached.

Almost forgot to mention these lenses were built to last. They are all metal and glass, and they are heavy. I am quite sure if I saw someone running away with my camera bag I could take the lens off, toss it at the perpetrator knocking him off his feet then put the lens back on and take photos for the police. 

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