Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dark Light, Light Light

I've been looking at Pinterest a lot lately and there are some amazing photographs being displayed there. I think the photography section is worth looking at for anyone. One fellow has been "pinning" photos of flowers with a plain black background and window light only. It was always something I wanted to try and I got inspired by his photos. Today I went and got some white tulips.

For this photo I used the 100mm macro 15 seconds f32 iso 100. Converted to b&w in the computer.

If you have been looking at previous posts you may have noticed I like to photograph things (even the cat once) with a white backdrop and flash. Why should today be any different. 
The 100 macro once again 8 seconds f16 iso 100. 2 flash with a shoot through umbrella on each the left one directed a bit more to the backdrop.

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