Sunday, February 3, 2013

Halfway In The Light

I have been on Barnston Island dozens of times. Cathe and I went there on a photowalk one day. We stepped off the ferry, walked up to the road and Cathe said, "Hey look at the firetruck." Firetruck? There it was in the field. I had never seen that before. There happened to be a young fellow there so we asked if we could come take some photos of it. We spent some time with it and I think it would defintely be worth more visits. So whenever I am there with the camera and there is someone around to ask if it's ok to go on the property I'll give it another go. It looks like a restoration project that never really took off. The red paint is faded and it is rusty all over except for the headlights and the bumper. They look almost new compared to the rest of the truck. 
Not long ago I made a twitter post that said "We walked halfway around the island but got tired and walked back". I got that from the young man we talked to. He has lived there since he was born and he can't count how many times people have said that to him in all seriousness. He still shakes his head.

 I used the 24-85 at 24mm 1/200th sec at f11 iso 400

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