Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Birds In The Winter Light

Usually I only post one photo per post but for this trip to Reifel Bird Sanctuary I thought I would put a few up. Dar and I took a few hours and walked the outside circuit of the sanctuary. You would think it would be kind of quiet on such a cold (by our standards) day but there were all kinds of birds from Eagles to little Chickadees and all kinds in between. It could get quite noisey especially when the Sandhill cranes start calling. 


70-300G at 300mm 1/8000th sec f5.6 iso 1600

Woodduck leaving the scene
70-300G at 180mm 1/160th sec f8 iso 1600

Don't know what this little guy was but he looked choked I didn't bring him treats.
70-300G at 300mm 1/125th sec f5.6 iso 1600
My friend Dar who I often mention on this blog. 
I used the 24-85 at 60mm 1/80th sec f5.6 iso 800.  

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