Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nifty Fifty At Fifty

Meaning the 50mm lens shooting at 50 iso. Tracie and I went downtown a couple days ago and we walked. A lot. If we showed our route on a map you would think we were drunken pirates drawing a treasure map. Of course we had to start with a coffee and of course about the first thing I said when we sat down was "May I take your picture?" She said "Sure!" and I was able to get some very nice photos including the one I am posting here today. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love this light you can get sitting up next to the window in a coffee shop. We went off and walked from before noon to well after dark which at this time of year was about 5:45 pm. I was able to give my new camera a good work out and got plenty photos some of which I will post here from day to day.

Shot with the 50mm 1/60th sec f2 iso 50. I recall as a young fellow a 50mm lens on an slr would have been what we call the "kit lens" now. It was an in between wide angle and telephoto lens before the days of zoom lenses. It was a good general lens which for me didn't see a lot of use after I got my other lenses. As I bought into dslrs and their aps-c sized sensors I rediscovered this lens and started using it for portrait work. It spent a lot more time on my camera and I really enjoyed using it. I wasn't too sure if I would use it much when I got my full frame camera but after my little coffee shop photo shoot with Tracie I know I'll always have it with me.


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