Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Head Shot

When doing a photo shoot it's only natural things will go wrong. Minor or major the trick is to not let them stop you. I wanted to try out some head shots with Jenn my daughter. It started with a missing little brass piece that fits in a bracket for flash and umbrella. It is one of those things you always see whilst browsing any camera store and think "I should get one of those just in case."  Of course when it goes missing no one carries them or ever heard of them. That's ok I'll just use something else. As we get into the picture taking it becomes quite apparent one flash isn't working. It works when I stop taking pictures and fiddle with it but as soon as I start using the camera it doesn't work. Oh well I just move the one that does work around till we get a look that suits us. I think another part of the trick is when it doesn't work don't let it bother you or at least don't let your model know it's bothering you. There was a time I might have given up and gone home (In this case to my bedroom). But working with what we had we got the job done and I am happy, but more importantly Jenn was.

For this photo I used the 70-300G at 150mm 1/125th sec at f5.6 iso 50. I am quite excited about shooting at 50 iso. I bought the Sony a99 because it is a great performer at high iso. What I hadn't realized is it is also great down to 50. I used to love Fujichrome 50 and Kodachrome 64 so I had to give it a try on this camera. I was not disappointed. Now I will have to go and not look for that brass piece and get it. Just in case.... 

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