Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sitting On A Knot In The Bay

Dumb title I know but it popped into my head so I went with it. While at Steveston the other day I was noticing some knots. They looked to be an interesting subject and there were a few different ones. I never needed them much beyond tying my shoes, I am pretty good at that. Beyond my shoes I know it can be embarrassing trying to fake a knot only to have it fall apart and into the water. So I will likely stick to taking photo's of them whenever I find an interesting one. There were some just looked like jumbles but these were pretty neat.

Sony a55 with the 50mm attached shot at 1/250th sec f7.1 iso 400 Taken here  49.12332667,-123.18652000

 The Sony a100 using the venerable beercan at 210 1/800th sec f5 iso 100

I remember going out in a boat being intimidated because I thought I was going to have to learn all kinds of different knots to tie up the boat. I was taught this one below.... not even a knot really. Loop tug, loop tug.... so simple. Of course the other folk smiled a bit when I did it about 15 loops. Just making sure, you know.

 With the Sony a55 and the 50mm 1/2500 sec f7.1 iso 400 Taken here 49.12328167,-123.18591667

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