Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tricks Of The Trade

Many camera manufacturers have added special effects to their cameras. There are all kinds of thing you can do with them. There are settings for things like portrait, sports, landscape, and several others which have been on cameras for a long time. Now there is things like posterization, sepia, toy effect, and some others. One interesting one is partial colour which you pick a colour (say blue) everything not that colour in the photo is black and white. It is a neat effect. I have always felt special effects were better done in the computer because done in camera they are permanent, at least in my camera. Having said that now that they are on the camera, no harm in trying them out right? This is posterization (b/w) a photo of Dar when we went out to Steveston a while back. She was checking out her new camera. Or her fish and chips, I can't remember.   

 The Sony a55 with the 50mm 1/80th sec f10 iso 100. We were right about here  49.12412167,-123.18654167

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