Monday, September 26, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To

High Dynamic Range photography. It is an interesting concept that I have toyed with a bit in the past. I recently took a 2 hour workshop with pmdphotography. We learned the basics of what to look for and some good methods of capturing images to create HDR photographs. I won't get technical but try to explain it briefly. Say you took a photo of your friend with the sun behind him/her. If the scene is exposed properly your friend will look dark. If your friend is exposed properly the scene is overly bright. By taking multiple photos you can combine them and have both appear properly exposed. In this post Grey Of Light To Colour Of Dark  I did something similar to HDR but only using 3 images and also desaturated 2 of the images. Here are 3 I did the evening of the workshop using between 6 and 9 images and a program called Photomatix. This is fun stuff. 

 This is the first one I did taken directly into the sun to really try test the ability to go from direct sun to deep shadow. It works!
 We all went and took photo's all around the area and came up with a lot of different photos. Dar was there too and I really enjoyed what she did. I noticed these chrome pipes and had an idea of what they might look like and I was right. 

While we were in the cafeteria talking about what we had done and learning about processing he mentioned you can do photo's of interiors with HDR to. So Dar and I both immediately set up our tripods and gave it a try. We both came up with very different looks using the same software. 

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