Thursday, August 18, 2011

Itchy Hands

  Wanderlust has stricken Nicola once again and while on a well deserved break from school she is off to Egypt. She writes a travel blog she calls Itchy Feet Take Me To...     Her story's are always interesting, often funny, ever entertaining, and can even be educational. I drove Nicola around this morning "sorting" Chip and Gracie's care so was able to see first hand the developing adventures inspiring her first post....  
This was the result of thoughts of making a portrait of a person with just their hands. The book happened to be there so adding it gave a lot of context to the person (Nicola of course) I was photographing and was quite timely too. 

I put the 50mm on the new camera for this. Shot at 1/80th sec f3.2 iso 400. GPS:  49.26311500,-123.10654167 . This looks to be about 30ft off.

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