Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's All In The Angle Of The

I have shown photos here where I've held the camera at an angle before. It's kind of a fun thing however it's something I still do with a little trepidation. There are different reasons for doing this, it can create tension in a photograph, it can be arty (wedding photographers do it a lot), or (my favourite) it can be just to fit the damn subject in the damn frame. This photo fits in the first and last category I think. Well maybe the second as well. The trepidation comes from leaving the thought that a horizon has to be horizontal. Generally when I look through the frame for a shot like this I start horizontal and as I look the idea will come to tilt and I'll angle the camera till it looks right.

This is with the 71-210 at 130mm 1/320th sec f4 iso 100

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