Monday, July 4, 2011

No Rescue

Dar and I are going out for a photo day tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it. I have the camera dusted off and the battery charging. Gonna be a great day. Going to sort of repeat a past trip out to Fort Langley and area. Maybe look for some flowers.
Here is a photo from our last trip. It was our second visit to this boat. The previous time the light was failing and I had to bump up the iso. The pictures would have been great but were too noisey. It was a lot brighter this day. The tide was in this time so couldn't get as close but I was happy with the shots I got. 

I used the 17mm 1/160th sec f8 iso 100 I've come to enjoy tweaking my photos and this was no exception. I used layers and levels for the light and mood. I made the clouds more dramatic, under-saturated the boat and slightly over-saturated the rest. It's fun and I think it takes the photo's up a notch or two.

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