Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Bird Photo

I Have had this photo in the sidelines for quite some time. These are birds I've come across since I was a little boy. They aren't hard to find, you usually just walk around for a while. Grouse are fairly plentiful and they aren't the brightest birds around. They seem a little reluctant to fly. I caught these photos of this one on the side of the road. I spotted her as I was driving my van, stopped, got out, and started clicking away. She slowly walked away from me the whole time. Maybe she had a nest nearby and was trying to distract me from it. If she was it worked but I got what I wanted from her anyhow.

I used the 70-210 at 210mm 1/160th sec at f5 iso 200.  

1 comment:

  1. I think that fellow is a ruffed grouse. I have experienced many heart attacks walking through the bush, and having a grouse explode out of the shadows!
    Back East this bird's cousin is the spruce grouse, which Newfoundlanders call a 'partridge'.