Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Make A Movie

I was on a movie set today for 12 hours. I have seen this done a few times now and am amazed at the effort put into a film. There was so much talent, effort, skill, and knowledge in one place it was really something to watch. This is real hard work. Here the crew is moving from one scene to another. This is but a glimpse of the type of work they are doing over a 2 week period. That's just the filming part, there is so much happens before and after. I also got my 15 (or was it 1.5?) seconds of fame today which I really look forward to seeing.

This was with the 50mm 1/320th sec f1.7 iso 200


  1. The film industry in print! You really get to take your camera to some cool places, or perhaps it is your camera that is taking you? ;)

  2. You know I can't say you're wrong there. It sure isn't my acting ability ha ha.